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creation and printing of labels, labels, price tags

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creation and printing of labels, labels, price tags

Stickers are a very useful and popular type of printing products. The demand for this product is obvious, in the first place - the need, convenience and practicality in use in various fields.

The printing house FastPaint offers printing stickers on different materials to choose from - the labels can be either paper or transparencies (opaque or transparent). The approximate density of the adhesive portion of the material is 80 g/m2.

The sizes and shapes of the labels can be very different, and the quantity for the order is very minimal, even 1 pc. When calculating the cost of printing labels, please note that the prices quoted do not include the cost of printing in white and transparent.

Paper stickers can be used for inventory, branding, labeling products or goods (barcodes), address mailing letters (information sticker on the envelope), also it can be, for example, labels for goods, etc.

Stickers on film are most often used when placing them on the street as information signs or on goods that can come into contact with moisture. It also makes sense to print stickers on the film when placing them on a technique - after all, this type of self-adhesive is easily removed, does not break at the same time and does not leave on the surface of the adhesive layer.

Use our online label designer - create your own layout of the sticker you need and do not waste time sending the order to print. Very soon you will be able to use this printed product for its intended purpose without additional delays on the part of the printing house.

So, define and order - we are waiting;)


How to order?

It only takes a few minutes

1. Choose a sticker form

2. Add logo, image, text

3. Choose quantity, size, material

4. Choose your delivery

5. Get your calendar promptly

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How to create your own sticker

After selecting the label form, click the "Add label", "Add image" and "Background color" icons to create a sticker with your data.

I will receive the stickers individually or on a sheet

All types of labels, except rectangular, you will receive in 326 x 488 mm sheets. In this case, each sticker will be precutted, to separate it easily from the base.

For labels of rectangular shape, the form in which the labels will be made depends on their size:

- for labels that have a size of at least one side less than 30 mm - in sheets (326 x 488 mm)
- for labels that have a size of both sides of more than 100 mm - separately (one by one, like business cards)
- for labels that have a size of at least one side in range of 30 to 100 mm - either in sheets or separately, depending on the number of labels that are ordered. If the number of printed sheets (326 x 488 mm), on which the labels are placed, is less than 10, then in sheets. 10 and more - separately

How to add a barcode, qr-code to the sticker

Use one of the online services for generating such codes. For example, to generate a barcode – http://atilog.ua/services/barcode/, for the qr-code – http://www.qr-code.com.ua/. Save the generated code as jpg or png image and add it to the sticker. The size of the image of the code must be of sufficient size so that there are no problems with reading.

Stickers are waterproof or not

If you need waterproof stickers, choose a transparent or opaque film as the material for the labels. In this case, the labels are not afraid of moisture on them.

In what formats can I upload images

You can upload images in JPG, PNG, WEBP and PDF formats.

Can I print stickers with ready to print file

Yes you can. Send the file to naklejki@fastprint.ua, specify the required number of stickers, size, print material and contact information.

Stickers on the film are not afraid of water

Any form of stickers

Simply and quickly separate from the base

UltraHD print quality

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